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Bonus rounds8.5
Fun factor7.0
Total score8.0
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Triple 10X Wild is an unusual sort of game, a slot machine that is considered a classic thanks to its layout and symbols, but which has some elements that make it very different from the pub slots that its inspiration comes from. It’s got a funky look that I will talk more below, with arcade style graphics. I’ve mentioned it before, this is a classic title, with 3 reels and 1 line. It’s as classic as it gets in that regard. You win top payouts of 30,000 coins, which can have an incredible value of $300,000 under the right circumstances. On top of these large payouts, there are the smaller symbols, which can benefit from wilds with multipliers that can go up to 30x together.

Betting requirements

When you’re forming your wagers, the system is one that you’ve seen before, in pretty much all games that have this sort of layout, with 1 line on 3 reels. You may use up to three coins for that single line, which obviously will stay active at all times. The coin denomination is chosen by the player, the minimum value being $0.01, with the maximum reaching $10. You spend up to $30 per spin, but you can spin the reels with as little as $0.01 if you want just to test it out.

Theme & Design

Triple 10X Wild tells you in its title what kind of features will offer, but you need to load it out to figure out what its theme is. It is a classic game, with symbols that are either related to the features that are offered, or they originate from pub slots if they’re considered regular. You get an abstract background image, with rays of all colors moving in different directions. The three reels take an enormous chunk of the screen, to the point where the paytable has been moved to a different screen, similar to what happens in a modern title. The symbols start you off with the 10X and the 3X Wilds, and then you get the Red Seven, the Golden Bell, the Cash, Bar Logo and the Cherries. These are symbols that you get in a lot of slot machines with 3 reels, so they’re expected. It doesn’t make them any less annoying, though, at least if you’re into interesting themes and designs for the games that you play. If I compare the graphics from Triple 10X Wild with what we’re getting in regular 3 reel slots, I’d say that this one wins clearly, but considering the competition that isn’t saying much.

Special Features

The features of the game revolve around those wilds and their big multipliers. It’s what gives the slot its name, and it does indeed look like a very nice feature to get. You have two types of wild symbols basically, one with a 3X Wild Logo, the other with the 10x Wild Logo. Before we get to the actual use of these features, you should also know that they can deliver prizes directly. You can’t form combinations with wilds of the same type in all positions, though, you need a combination of two 3X wilds with one 10X wild, in this order on the active line. The reward is huge at that point, giving you 10,000, 20,000 or 30,000 coins, for bets using between 1 and 3 coins. They can afford to offer that much because the regular combinations will pay a lot less, the best one reaching 150 coins if the wilds don’t help them go higher. Now, for the wild symbols and the way they can improve your payouts. The 3X Wild will give you a 3x multiplier for the win when being part of a new combination. If you happen to get two 3X Wilds in the combo, then you get paid 9x the usual prize. The 10X Wild will obviously give you the 10x multiplier, quite exciting to land when the rest of the symbols are the right ones. Combine a 10X Wild with a 3X Wild, and the multiplier for the combo forming on that line will be 30x.


You will find that the wild symbols are the ones that matter most. They pay up to 30,000 coins if they’re arranged just right on the line by themselves, and since denominations get to $10, that can mean $300,000 cash. Regarding average RTP, the number is at only 95.03%, high if you compare it with a true classic slot machine, but low if you stop to think about how many modern titles give you better odds than that.


Triple 10X Wild can be an exciting classic slot to play, mainly thanks to its non-classic features and large multipliers. Fans of the genre might want to give it a try, but they shouldn’t expect the best odds of walking away with a profit.

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