This Is The Best Way To Play Both Online & Live Slots



Slot machine games are an easy way to pass the time. They share a lot in common with arcade games and games you can play on your home computer. People love simple games.

This Is The Best Way To Play Both Online & Live Slots

But slots costs you money and will dip into your wallet so beware and make the difference in your mind that these are not just for fun. They can be dangerously addictive, and for this reason here are the best ways to play slots.

Find Machines & Games With The Highest Return To Player

The return to player (RTP) is the lifetime expected percentage of all wagers that will be paid back to players.

Slot machine games have a reputation for paying very low RTPs but that’s not always the case. While not every slot machine game publishes an RTP, you may be able to dig up a fact sheet for the game that contains the information.

If you’re not sure about a slot game’s RTP it’s better not to play that game.

Hot Tip - On Progressive Slots… Always Bet The Maximum

Opinions may be divided on the merits of playing progressive slot machine games, but one thing for certain is that when playing progressive. Bet the maximum.

That is because in order to be eligible for that big progressive jackpot you must make a maximum value wager.

You might get 1,000 times your wager, but you’ll be sitting there looking at the progressive jackpot and asking yourself why you didn’t get the big prize. As above, only play progressive slot games you can afford. There is no shame in stepping down to a machine you can enjoy playing for hours without having to worry about how much money you have.

At All Cost Avoid Second Chance Games

There are bonus rounds and then there are second chance games. The difference is that the bonus round costs you nothing. In a second chance game, you could lose your wager and whatever you just won.

These games are not as popular as they once were but you will still find them on many older slot games.

The second chance game’s payback percentage is usually terrible. It might be “double or nothing” - meaning you lose your wager + winnings if you lose the second chance game.

You’re already risking your money – that’s the whole point of gambling – but stick to the basic game and don’t take any second chance offers. Your chances are always better in the basic game.

The Most Important Thing Is That You Play Games You Enjoy Playing

When you’re gambling you want to win. But let’s be honest, most people leave with less money than they take in.

Rather than looking for the game that will make you a great winner, look for a game that makes you smile or feel good. You shouldn’t allow your anxieties to well up as you play because you’re losing.

The more relaxed you are about playing the slots the better. And also don’t forget! Know when to quit.


Serious gamblers may boast they never go near slot machine games but the truth is everyone enjoys them from time to time.

If you’ve been telling yourself there is no way to maximize your chances of winning on slots, now you have a few things to think about.

There is more to the modern slot game than just spinning the wheels. You don’t get enough options to develop real skill or strategy, but where you have a choice you should make the smartest choice possible.

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