November 26, 2021

QTech Deal with NetEnt

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QTech has recently announced a deal with NetEnt, one of the top providers of casino content, such as online slots. QTech has the distinction of being the leading game distributor in Asia, and its reach is starting to spread throughout the world. 

QTech Deal with NetEnt

Online casinos are growing in popularity across the globe as more customers appreciate the benefits of online slots like and other casino games rather than going along to a bricks-and-mortar casino.

The new deal would mean that the online slot games that have won so many awards for NetEnt will be available to QTech’s casino clients and their customers, strengthening the portfolio offered by QTech and firmly establishing them as a top supplier. Customers will always appreciate having a wide range of games to choose from when they log into their preferred online casino, and quality games will see customers returning time and again.

The range of games available is not the only benefit to the deal brokered between the two gaming giants. QTech Games will have a much stronger catalog of gaming domains, and by adding the top quality and vast range of online slots offered by NetEnt, QTech will be able to boost player engagement and customer retention. 

With so many casinos for customers to choose from, customer retention is an important factor, and it is the key to success.  

Global brand development

Another benefit to the agreement also boosts QTech’s reach around the world, giving it more access to many different emerging markets. It has been one of the fastest-growing gaming companies in recent years and has adapted its services for each region. 

The platform is customized for each region, providing region-specific mobile apps and a range of marketing tools. Add to this the local-language customer service support that operates around the clock, and QTech has truly opened the doors to becoming a global brand.

These days, the technology behind online casinos is developing rapidly, and companies that want to compete on a global level will need to move with that and show that they can keep pace. By combining the talent, expertise, and portfolios of the two companies, QTech Games will not just be a leading name in Asia but will be able to match the leading providers in Europe and the US.

QTech Games' CEO, Ulf Norder, has confirmed that the company is delighted with the deal made with NetEnt and that adding the range of online slots from NetEnt will solidify their position as a top provider of quality casino content. 

He confirmed that QTech’s focus is to provide a quality gaming experience for the customer by offering a range of games designed to appeal to a variety of demographics, they will be able to ensure that the gaming experience provided by QTech is superior to that of their competitors.

The deal is no doubt a major development in the progression of both companies and should help to strengthen the performance of both parties, especially on a global scale.

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