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Loaded has its own little niche when it comes to themes that are available in slot machines these days. It’s the only one that I know, to show off the life of rap musicians. From the big mansions, to the Afro-American men wearing white suits or fur coats with gold chains, to the attractive women that surround them or the music awards that they got, this slot machine seems to have a select niche to focus on, in terms of players that will enjoy it. “Loaded” gives the player 5x3 reels, using as many as 25 lines on them, with their rewards reaching high values of up to $70,000. It has Triple 7 wilds with multipliers, plus scatter symbols that get you free spins which will also increase the value of your wins.

Betting requirements

You can use bets as high as $250 in this slot machine. To get that high, you need to have all 25 lines active, with their individual bets using the maximum of 20 coins. The denominations need to be at the highest possible level as well, which is $0.50 in this case. You can end up placing a wager of $10 per line, or $250 total. The smallest possible bet is worth just $0.01 though, so it’s not a game that is inaccessible to players with smaller budgets.


Theme & Design

In Loaded, we’re getting a design which revolves around the life that Afro-American rappers live, at least the ones that are successful. You see a couple of these guys, dressed in a showy way, along with beautiful women that surround them on a daily basis. You get images of expensive things that they own as well, just as showy as they are, including here a red yacht, a purple and gold limousine, gold plated DJ equipment, jewelry on their hands and so on. If you look at the background, you’re going to see there a tropical image, with palm trees and probably a beach as well, though it’s hard to tell. The way the characters and objects are drawn in Loaded works for it, but I wouldn’t enjoy it in most slot machines that use it. There is an almost comic book feel to the characters shown there, and I’d say that the expensive objects are more attractive than the humans that are shown.

Special Features

The big paying symbol in Loaded is the one that has the power of the substitute as well. This symbol has an image with an Afro-American man, dressed in a white suit, wearing a hat and sporting a gold chain around his neck which has a 777 pendant. The name of this rapper character appears to be Triple 7, and it acts as a wild symbol that triples the wins that you get thanks to it. On its own, the wild symbol is capable of paying big, with its jackpot getting to $70,000. The wild symbol doesn’t have the ability to replace a scatter, but a regular symbol will get its help if it lands in the right spot. The scatter symbol shows an image of a hand with gold rings and bracelets on it, that’s holding a microphone. This symbol lands scattered anywhere on the reels, yet if you get enough of them you can get paid and access additional features. The payouts require just two or more symbols, the rewards depending on how many are visible, as they range from 2x to 100x the wager. As for the free spins, having three or more Microphones on the reels will be enough to get you to this feature. You will get the option to choose between using 12 spins with a 4x multiplier, 16 spins with a 3x multiplier, or 24 free spins with the multiplier at 2x. There is no option to retrigger free spins.



The graphics might not look like much, but the game stays true to its name, and has the potential to really make a player loaded. Even its regular base game rewards are on the high side, reaching a value of $70,000. It gets better if you reach the free spins, since the jackpot can have a value of up to $280,000 there. Most games that Microgaming offers are going to pay reasonably well, and this one isn’t any different. Its average RTP of 96.29% will be enough to allow players to play the slot, if they enjoy the unique theme it offers.


Loaded excels when it comes to offering big jackpots that will get the player’s imagination going, and the features help with that as well. The graphics aren’t that great, but at least the theme is unique and should have its own audience.


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