Understanding players of free online slots 2022



It is fair to say that slot games are a crucial aspect of the gambling industry. In fact, recent studies have concluded that around 70% of online casino activity is based on these titles. The best ones are reviewed on SlotsRank so that readers can find their perfect game of this type. Many casino companies will want to better understand players' behavior, especially fans of free online slots.

Understanding players of free online slots 2022

Environment and psychology

Research on the effects of brick and mortar slots has shown that environmental elements can play a role. This includes the lighting, sound effects, and even the fresh air. Establishments with a cordial atmosphere tend to attain more visitors. 

Positive word of mouth can further increase this number. Since the online counterparts of these games can be played anywhere, many of these elements are still applicable. The place where the player chooses to enjoy slots will affect their overall experience.

Fans of these games will often be highly motivated people. They may be searching for an escape from their daily stress. Several studies have noted that these people strive to find happiness. In areas of the world where other game genres are favored, there will usually be a cultural reason behind it.


In order to better understand fans of free online slots, it is helpful to look at the demographics. One particular study found that more than half of players are female aged in their mid-50s. 72% were married, while singles only made up 11% of respondents. The majority were homeowners who had at least a high school level of education. Over half preferred video over reel slots.

The most common amount wagered was 25 cents. Over a fifth of players wagered at least one dollar. In addition, more than 60% of them stated that they preferred games with frequent lesser payouts rather than infrequent jackpots. This information will likely prove invaluable for casinos that want to create new slot titles that will appeal to these kinds of people.

Frequency and game nature

Most of the respondents stated that they spend anywhere from one to six hours at a time playing free online slots. 22% played once a week, 44.7% played once or twice per month, and 22% only enjoyed slots four times a year. This shows that there is a wide variety of frequencies.

It was also revealed that players preferred to try out games that required their own denominations, as well as ones that would not make them exceed their personal budget limit. Unsurprisingly many respondents enjoyed slot titles that were fun in nature. However, bonus rounds were not very popular in the study.


This analysis has shown that providers of free online slots need to cater to females between 55 and 60 years old who are homeowners with a high school education level or higher. Most players enjoy these games at a medium or light frequency. There is a preference for video slots, and the person's own environment can affect their individual enjoyment.

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