The Role Of Virtual Reality In Online Casinos



It used to be that gamblers would shun online casinos because they didn’t provide them with the kind of interactive experiences they were looking for. Then virtual reality (VR) came along and changed everything. Now online casinos can offer a completely different experience than they ever could before.

The Role Of Virtual Reality In Online Casinos

How do I access a VR casino?

To access a virtual reality casino you need a VR headset. When you put one on you’ll immediately see new surroundings. The headset is able to combine visuals with the typical sounds of a casino, making the experience more realistic.

The view you have when wearing a VR headset is different and is based on the particular casino you are playing at. The one consistency among all of them is that they have clocks located in each virtual room of the casino. This is required so that you don’t lose track of how long you have been playing.

History of VR at casinos?

You might be surprised to learn that the idea of a virtual reality casino is not new. The first one launched in 2015 and they’ve been gaining momentum ever since. And though they put a new spin on table games, the technology is best used to make playing slot machines a more immersive experience than ever before.

How does a VR casino work?

While playing one, you can virtually hit the button to spin the reels. In many cases, you can control slot machine play with your body movement, voice, or even gestures. This is possible because the games in a VR casino feature a faster framerate and the highest resolution graphics possible. The faster framerate is the reason that the game can react and keep up with the movement of your body.

VR isn’t compatible with every slot machine game out there. But some of the best in the industry can be found in these casinos. Not surprisingly, this includes one of the industry’s staples, Starburst. Already equipped with 3D graphics, playing this game in a VR casino is like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Another industry staple you can play in VR casinos is Gonzo’s Quest. With the av alanche feature being as impressive as it is in a regular casino, you can only imagine what playing it in a VR casino is like.

Benefit of VR at Online Casinos

Benefits of playing at this kind of casino include more than just enhanced gaming. There is also the fact that you can easily chat with other players, in more advanced ways than your average online casino can. You also have the option of assuming an avatar to represent you.

But at some VR casinos you don’t even have to be playing to chat with other players. Select casinos let you sit in their virtual casino lounge and chat in real time.

As a growing number of gamblers take interest in VR casinos this will move the industry forward. Some of today’s top software companies, like Microgaming and NetEnt, are embracing VR technology to transform the way online gambling is approached.

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